Welcome to Hydralic Servo Systems: Modelling, Identification and Control


Main objective of the course is to give a theoretical background, experimental results of modelling, identification and control of hydraulic servo systems. Hydraulic servo systems have many advantages over electrical motors; however, they are characterized by highly non-linear dynamics and are difficult to control. The non-linearities is due to compressibility of the oil, friction in the actuator and the complex flow properties from the controlling valves. Advanced control can provide significant improvements of conventional and linear methods. The derivation and identification of suitable models is thus treated in detail
This course outline both the classical and advanced methods with the intention to provide the fundamentals required to understand, design and implement automatic control of hydraulic drives.

The motivation is to facilitate wider and faster exploitation of Hydraulic Servo Systems by bridging the gap between theory and successful industrial implementation through cooperation and exchange of experience between academic/research and industrial communities. It course is intended for both PhD students and practicing engineers.
Some of the course content is based on recently obtained research results. The main topics are as follows:

- General Description of Hydraulic Servo systems
- Physical Fundamentals of Fluid Properties and Fluid Motion
- Physical Based Modelling and System Identification
- Control System Design; Linear and Non-linear methods
- Application Example and case studies
- Laboratory Exercises (Simulation + Laboratory Demonstration)

Prerequisites: General knowledge and beyond entry stage to fluid power, preferably background at the graduate level.
Matlab/Simulink knowledge is recommended for the exercises

Form of evaluation: Individual evaluation of the course participants will be performed on a basis of:

- Attendance rate (5%)
- Mini-project (95%)

Organizer: Professor Torben Andersen – Aalborg University

Lecturers: Professor Torben Andersen – Aalborg University


Time: 9-12 December 2019 - cource CANCELLED


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Number of seats:

Deadline: 18 November 2019

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