Welcome to Innovations in Public Health Nutrition: meeting behavioural nutrition

Description: Public Health Nutrition is a comprehensive multi-sector approach to the promotion of good health through the adoption of healthy lifestyles (healthy eating, increase in physical activity) and the focus on prevention of nutrition related illness in the population.
One of its main methodological approaches is nutrition epidemiology, that will be introduced in detail, as well as the main considerations to take into account when planning observational studies (cross.-sectional, prospective or case-control).
This course especially looks a the challenges related to the intersection between the fields of public health nutrition and behavioural nutrition. Using the premises of the FoodScape Lab at AAU, students will get a practical insight on how to do behavioural nutrition applying the principles of nutritional epidemiology for stronger results. Moreover, the PHN course will emphasise in the use of novel technologies for data collection and research purposes, such as GPS/bluetooth, choice architecture, or the issues faced when using social media for data collection.
The course will include high level discussions on the past, present and future of PHN, and how a multi-disciplinary approach, plus the use of modern and novel technologies can contribute to the accuracy of the studies and provision of sound evidence for policy making.
This is an elective course valid for any EU PhD program. This course includes lectures from recognized EU Scientists in the field of Public Health Nutrition.

Organizer: Assoc. Prof. F.J. Armando Perez-Cueto, Dept. of Development and Planning, email: apce@plan.aau.dk

Lecturers: F.J. Armando Perez-Cueto, A. Naska, Bent Egberg Mikkelsen, B. van Mil, S. Rodrigues, Thomas Bjørner


Time: November 4-6, 2013 plus submission of written work

Place: Aalborg University, Copenhagen AC Meyers Vænge 15

Zip code: 2450

City: Copenhagen SV

Number of seats: 18

Deadline: October 1, 2013

Important information concerning PhD courses

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