For all PhD students and Postdocs at AAU


Since 2006 the total number of PhD students in Denmark has doubled. Currently, more than 2400 PhD students are enrolled annually at the Danish universities. This entails that the traditional career path of PhDs is undergoing noticeable changes. PhDs have to look for job opportunities outside the universities in both public and private sectors.

This conference seeks to address these challenges and the possibilities PhD students are faced with today.



8.30 – 9.00: Registration, incl. bread roll and coffee/tea (sponsored by IDA)
9.00 – 9.15: Welcome (TBA)
9.15 – 10.05: Life after graduation (Hammam Soliman, Senior sales and R&D engineer at Aalborg CSP, CEO of ENENCO and Postdoc at AAU)
10.05 - 10.35: Industrial Postdoc (Johan-Ulrik Lervang from Innovation Fund Denmark)  10.35 – 10.50: Break
10.50 – 11.35: Workshops round 1
11.35 – 11.45: Break
11.45 – 12.30: Workshops round 2


Workshop A: Put spotlight on your competencies and find your calling (Jakob Gradel from IDA):
In strength-based career planning you look systematically at your recent years on the labor market in order to focus your job search on a job you are good at, and that gives you good energy.

During the segment we will introduce you to an exercise to help you look back at past experiences and categorize your professional and personal competencies. We will also provide you with a tool that helps identify your strengths and talents in order to focus your job search strategy towards a job you like and that gives you good energy.


Workshop B: Put spotlight on your transferable skills and the job market (Ann G. Carøe from IDA): 
Capturing the transferable skills and knowledge you have acquired as a PhD is essential for you to focus your job search and identify the best opportunities for you. By researching the job market you will be able to identify the keywords and the skills the industry and companies are looking for. You will receive tips and tools on how to research the job market. Furthermore you will receive ideas on how to pitch your transferable skills and knowledge making you a very attractive employee.


Host: The conference is arranged jointly by IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers), The Doctoral School of Engineering and Science, The Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design, and AAU Innovation (project Science for Society).

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist


Time: 23 October 2018, 08:30-12:40

Place: Rendsburggade 14, room 5.125 and 5.127

City: 9000 Aalborg 

Price: Free

Deadline: 22 October 2018


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The workshop features two days

Target group: Main PhD supervisors at AAU ENGINNERING, SUND and TECH

Teacher and facilitator: Independent consultant, coach and researcher, PhD, Mirjam Godskesen,

The workshops are given in English

Workshop 1: 25 October 2018
Workshop 2: 28 November 2018

Place: Fibigerstræde 2, room 125

City: 9220 Aalborg Øst

Number of seats: 20                

Registrations: There is a limited amount of seats which will be assigned as they are registered.

Please register the Supervisor Workshop here at Moodle. 
Course secretary: Sofie Pia Jensen,

Workshop 1: The supervisor role and aligning expectations

09.00-09.50              Introduction and ‘lung opener’ on supervision styles

10.00-10.30              The supervisor role:

            • 3 models of supervision
            • Hands-on/hands-off
            • The asymmetric relation

10.40-12.30              Critical moments and active listening

12.30-13.15              Lunch

13.15-14.15              Rules and regulations

14.15-14.30              Coffee break

14.30-15.15              Work on topics from the case stories

15.15-16.00              Aligning expectations – also among supervisors

16.00-16.15              Wrap up

Preparation for workshop 1: All participants have to write a story about a real experience of PhD Supervision. It is best to choose a situation that offered a challenge and it is an advantage if the problem has not yet been solved. If you do not have an experience of PhD supervision, an experience from being a PhD student yourself or from supervision of master students can be used. The story will be used in the planning of the course and you must be willing to share it with the other participants. The volume is approx. 1 A4 page and all names must be anonymous. Please write your own name on the top of the page, give your story a title and e-mail it to at latest October 11 2018.

Workshop 2: Manage the process and support writing

09.00-11.00              Process supervision & project management

11.15-12.15              The supervisor letter   

12.15-13.00              Lunch

13.00-14.00              Intercultural supervision and promoting independence

14.00-14.15              Coffee break

14.15-16.00              Supporting the PhD’s writing process and giving feedback

16.00-16.15              Wrap up

Preparation for workshop 2: Participants have to write a supervisor letter in advance. Guidance on writing the supervisor letter will be sent to participants who sign up for the workshop.